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“10 Years of Marriage”

Ten years of marriage, and I still adore you. Ten years of marriage, and you're still the same, perfect. You‘r e genuinely one of an angel. Your thought, Your genius, Your behaviour, Your witty senses of humour, Your happiness, Your righteousness, Your generosity, Even if strangers ask you all money, you will give it all to them. Like, all. And you have no worries in losing them. Like, not at all. And you wonder why I often disagree with that, hahaha. Sorry. What can I say, I am a human :-D. Your respect for women, Your kindness to your friends, strangers, even people who are insane (including me), they said. Everyone knows you, consider you as their best friends. They follow you like magnet everywhere. And you’re my best friend, too. You never gossiped them behind their back. It is me who often gossiped them, and you'll change my perspective, immediately with your mindblowing spoken, LOL. Well what can I say, I am only a human. I can be ang

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