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Do's and Don'ts in China

Here are some dos and don'ts in China. I hope these will be beneficial for those that have plans to travel, study, or work in China. If you're from the Javanese ethnic group, These tips will be easy for you to follow. 1. If you don't like something, say it indirectly. Chinese people are very polite so that when they don't like something, they won't say it directly. Like Javanese people in Indonesia, they won't say "you're bad" or "this is bad", they will use other words like "let's do other things" or "I think it's better if...", "let's ask other people's opinion?", or they will be just silent. They do it to save your face. 2. Don't be proud. Most Chinese people have this humble value so that it's normal to see some classmates that said he/she is not good, turns out to be brilliant. Hence, the norm here is: When someone praises you (beauty, brain, behavior), you should answer it by: &q

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