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My very first solo traveling in China: Wenzhou

Part 1: Lost Passport and Phone (and Back) - What Did I Do? Months ago, I saw an advertisement on internet for "Advancing Health with AI Conference" hosted by Nature, Nature Medicine, and Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University in collaboration with WYSS in Marriott Hotel, Wenzhou. Driven by my curiosity about AI and eye health, I registered as a visitor. It's a rare opportunity to attend an international conference locally (although it's not my first time to attend such conference). Originally, I planned to attend only on April 28, just to see Prof. Marzyeh's talk, but I ended up booking a hotel and tickets for April 25-28 to explore Wenzhou as well. I traveled by fast train from Guangzhou and took the S1 metro to 三垟湿地站一口. I intended to take bus number 71, but needing a restroom urgently, I opted for an online taxi instead, thinking it would be quicker. The white taxi arrived after a short wait. I hopped in, told him the last four digits of my phone number as

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