Sayonara... Such a Pleasure to have You ^_^

I do really love these people.
They always let me know that every little work I've done, matters to them ^_^.
They even encourage and challenge me to have a courage to dream bigger, and to become a better person.
When I felt worry a little bit, they supported and said: "No worries.. You're gonna be very happy in China." Indeed, everyone in China is soooo nice sooo helpful sooo hospitable soo kindhearted just like in Indonesia. I don't feel like an alien in here.

Once I arrived in here, I also received this uplifting message from my very kind teacher, "You both keep  healthy and motivated yaaa."

It feels that they are all my other family, and I will never forget them in my prayers.

Oh last night I dreamt about them having an interview with Najwa Shihab, asking about the secret of their "forever young" appearances. And the answer was: "Jadikan semua orang di dekatmu merasa sejuk."

Muchas gracias. ^_^
It was a great time.
I do feel loved by you.

Oh how I wished to have more pictures from my other fellas as well.


My bags were packed I was ready to go... Cause I'm leaving.. on a jetplane.. Don't know when I'll be back again.
(Hayah malah nyanyik).

Family atmosphere

My teacher, Her advice: "Never forget this: Keep sharing knowledge"

One of my super duper kind classmate  

The "jimats" from them