Halal Foods and Muslims in China

Last friday, I was accompanying my husband to do friday prayer at one of the mosque in Guangzhou.

Here is where the story of muslim halal food hunters begins...

Apparently, there is a huge mosque here in Guangzhou, where Saad ibn Abi Waqqash's tomb (the sahaba of Rasulallah S.A.W.), located inside, with halal food stands are spreading all over the area. The location is at Yue Xiu park. Visitors can go there by using the metro line 8 and line 3 and by bus, if they are coming from the city university, Guangzhou.

The halal food sellers along the mosque sell their foods with a relatively low price, around 2 dollars for lamb with the bread. I recommend Asya's stand as the most delicious lamb and chicken stand.

The Sahabas' tombs

I met this nice little girl who asked me to follow her, and apparently she offered me one cup of water to drink. 

By the way, I live in an island called city university, in which there are many foreigners and halal food stands as well. Local people around the universities are so welcome and helpful no matter what clothes the foreigners are wearing. It's not strange to see some people in metro are offering foreigners to have a sit. Everytime foreigners say "nihao", or "hello", they'd get so interested and would like to have a nice short chat. They are so helpful and friendly toward foreigners. I have ever left my groceries in the market and when I got back, the seller kept my groceries inside the refrigerator and was joking whether I left it for him. Haha.

The groceries that I left

11 pm walking alone (1 km) as a foreigner and save

Last night I found the new food market around the Sun Yat-sen university. I found one of the best lamb satay from Xinjiang businessman. The taste was so good, very recommended one.

Because of the friendly nature of the locals, foreigners are so easy to make  some friends around city university only with the simple language and translator app from wechat. I can't wait to master the Chinese language so that we can learn from each other's foodies and or cultures.