I have many questions to him since years along ago. I have to write it to always remember. I have a weak memory sometimes.

Me: "Why are you never angry?'
Him: "Why am I should be angry? No reason."
Me: "Why are you never jealous?"
Him: "Jealousy is for inferior person." 
Me: "Why are you never sad?"
Him: "Sadness is sign of weakness."
Me: "Why are you never cry?"
Him: "I choose my hair to be grey, than tears. I've ever cried. When you gave birth."
Me: "Why are you always laugh?"
Him: "lambene dicantholne nang untu. Haahahaaa..."

We call each other everyday. And yesterday I ask the similar thing:
Me: "I want to be always happy as you are."
Him: "Hahaha.. Mangan wareg."
And he put two peanuts on his teeth. 😸😻

My tabassam..

"Ndang ngerjakne tugas, ben ndang iso nyusul". His last words, always. 😸

He always make sure that I would be always happy and powerful. If there are certain things that make me sad, He would make those things away from me. He is my hero. He is the best thing God has ever sent me. I feel soo blessed have him by my side. Therefore, if people praise me as a strong person, it's because of his support. In reality, I, a weak person.