The sweet memory

"Bapak-bapak, Ibu-Ibu, teman-teman semua, wanita yang duduk di belakang sana, She's my wife."

And the crowd saw me immediately. (Dalam hati, "mereka gak tahu aja perilakuku. Kalau tahu juga bakal ngecap aneh)."

That's how my husband treats me.
I don't know why he's always proud about me. Whereas all my life, many people even me consider my self as a weird person.

"Never ever let anyone weaken you. Never ever let yourself weaken you. Never ever let anyone control your mind and behaviour. I believe you are a strong person." My husband said.

Ok, I might not have many friends. But I have circle, close friends who are my gate opener of becoming a better person. Who never belittle me in front or behind my back. And we respect each other. We can act weird together, too. And that's funny.

About close friends, one day I acted weird again when I was in undergraduate study. Turun dari taman ga lewat tangga tapi lewat gundukan rumput. Everyone laughed. I laughed too. I think that's funny. But they shouldn't laugh that long plus whispering on each other's ears. But these closest friends, suddenly came and acted just the way I did. Turun tangga lewat gundukan rumput. And it stop those who laughed exageratedly. Until now, I've never forgotten them. Those people are always in my prayers.

I might not as social as others. Because I think my circle is enough. The circle who accept your weirdness and never belittle your thought, your choice, your way of dressing, and never tried to control your mind and behavior.

Well in my graduate study, I know some kindest people, too. But I better of hanging around with journals and papers rather than hanging around with people. I guess social life is not my priority anymore. Especially when you already have your own circle. Yeah call me weird, I don't mind. My dearest ones also don't mind.