Falling in love, again

Hey blog, this should be my lab but these days I end up writing random talk. Hahaaa.
I guess I don't need to apologize, this is my own home LOL.

Okay, I am in a long distance marriage from about 20 days ago. Do you know how I feel?

17 days away from him, I was perfectly okay. There was no difference with or without him. There is wechat.
After that, I can't stop thinking about him.
I can't sleep properly, I can't eat properly, and I even can't sing, which is my hobby. However, I still can cook protein for lunch.

Yet, when I see his photo, I suddenly feel like drinking water after being thirsty. And yeah if anyone mentions his name, I would feel happy, too as always.

I think I fall in a deep deeper love again, with my husband. Well although it's a good thing, this is not productive. I have to keep my self not obsessed with my husband that I rarely call and chat when he was near  hahahaaaaa. As usual, I asked his advise.

And he said "This won't be long, beb. Be strong. Finish your study as soon as possible and be here. Keep eating good food. Wo ye ai ni."

Thank youuu!
That words mean a lot to me!!

I guess, from now on, maybe we shouldn't contact each other as often as usual. He was shocked and asked me why. Well, my reason is, it will keep us missing each other and it will keep me sane.

Ok, I'll get some sleep now. And tomorrow, I will be ready to enjoy the activities by myself. As an introvert, I think this would be easy. There are tons of things should be done, while carrying his photo, too. To remind me that he's exist.

Last but not least, if I may try to define love, that would be, "If your happiness is bigger than your sadness, you love him/her. But if someone mentions one's name, and your sadness is bigger, you are not loving him/her. You love yourself."

Well that theory is subjective, of course. You may agree or not. Hahaaa.



1:50 am.
Thursday, September 20, 2018.