Phir Milenge

The campus for Ph.D. in engineering candidates.
The scholarship is provided by Chinese government.
We come from a small village where the scholars are rarely seen. Plus, our family background in Nganjuk-Kediri was extremely poor. So poor so that in order to eat lamb, we had to wait the Qurban Eid (that happens once a year). Some of us even had to slice the "bedug" (big drum made from goat skin), if we weren't able to wait that Islamic celebration for the sake of eating a piece of meat. 

One day, my husband was being punished by his teacher because he added "Prof. Dr." to his name on his school report card. I think his scribble in the past will soon come true. That's why I am this excited 😸 🙏

My husband and my brothers with their school uniforms. Yep, no shoes 😸

with his beloved brother and sisters before he left the next day

My words, special for my husband, a.k.a. my best friend, a.k.a. my cousin.


I am soooo happy and soooo proud of you.
No, I won't be sad.
Why would I?
My soul and your soul is one soul.
No matter how far the distance between us, I will still feel you are here with me, smiling as always.
No matter how long,
I will always wait for you.
Or maybe I will sometimes give you a surprise visit. Or the other way around.

Reach your dream, sweetheart.
Phir milenge 😉